Using a motion sensor as a bed exit alarm

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The Austin Medical motion sensor allows you to get an alert that your patient is getting out of bed, without using a bed exit sensor pad. The Austin Medical Motion Sensor can be placed at the side of a bed, approximately 45cm (18") from the ground.  When your patient decides they are going to try to get out of bed, they will first place a leg over the side of the bed.  Immediately, the motion sensor will catch the activity and start to send the alarm to a pager which can be up to 45 meters (150') from the motion sensor. The Pager will alarm, letting you know your patient is trying to get up. 

This Austin Medical motion sensor is a great alternative to the sensor pad, if you have a bed surface such as air mattress, gel mattress or other, that won't allow for use of the sensor pads.  

You can also use the Austin Medical Motion Sensor at a height above the bed where the patient's head will cross the motion zone as they sit up, and before they put their legs over the side of the bed.  This requires a little more careful set up, but once a correct direction and height has been determined, this can be a very effective way to monitor a patient's activity.


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