Cordless bed exit alarms allow the carer's to keep the alarm in other areas of the home

Sheenagh Kerr
With Austin Medical's cordless bed exit alarm system, you can care for your patient at home, and know that as long as you have the alert monitor within 45 meters (150 feet)  of the bed pad, you will receive the alert if the patient starts to get up from the bed. By placing the cordless bed pad below the lower sheet, in the patient's back or buttock area, when the patient sits up in bed, and takes their body weight off of the pad, the bed pad sends a silent alert to the alarm monitor which will start to chime, letting you know that they need your assistance.  By using this system, you will get the earliest possible alert, you can be woken by the alert at night, and you reduce the amount of agitation felt by the patient as they do not hear the alert themselves.  This is an ideal product to use when caring for the elderly, and also for patient's with alzheimer's or dementia.

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