Choosing the right bed alarm product!

Customer Service

More and more customers come to us asking for help in chosing the right bed exit alarm products.  For most home carers, they were not even aware that these products existed before they were told by the hospital or GP that a bed exit alarm would be a good idea to help avoid falls with their loved one. 

And once you go onto the internet, you quickly realise that there are a great many different products and prices available. They are even called by different names such as, Bed Exit Alarm, or Bed Occupancy Alarm or simply Bed Alarm.  All very confusing.

Austin Medical tries to make it easier by offering detailed information on each of our products. We also package our products, so that when you make your choice of product, you have everything you are going to need included in a one click purchase.

We also provide trained and informed customer service staff, who are happy to explain and discuss each customer's situation, to help the buyer feel more assured that they are purchasing the right product for their needs.  

In brief, corded bed/chair pads with alarms have the noise in the room with the patient.  Cordless and Wireless alarms, usually have a remote pager or monitor that the Carer keeps with them, and this avoids the alarm noise being with the patient.  This has been found to be particularly helpful when dealing with patient's with dementia or alzheimer's as the noise can be disturbing or confusing to the patient.

But if there is still confusion, please just call Austin. We're here to help!