The double motion sensor and paging alarm package features a remote wireless alarm for the carer to keep with them in another part of the home or nursing facility, with the signal reaching up to 90 meters (300 feet) from motion sensors to alarm/pager. (no wifi connection necessary)

With this package you can monitor both sides of the bed using a motion sensor either side. When your patient's legs come over the side of the bed, they cross the motion sensor's field and a signal is sent to the remote paging/alarm.

The motion sensor is positioned on floor level, at the headboard end of the bed facing the foot of the bed, and it will pick up the movement when the patient's feet come over the side of the bed and are about 12 inches from the floor.

The motion sensor makes no noise in the room, but sends a wireless alert to the remote alarm which the carer can keep with them in another part of the building.

Remote alarm features adjustable volume with Low, Medium, and High settings, low battery alert, and on/off switch. The motion sensor uses 3 x 'AA' batteries and the Pager/Alarm uses 3 x 'C' batteries (batteries not included)

Also, this system is expandable as your patient monitoring needs change, you can add call buttons, bed sensor pads, chair sensor pads, floor mats or more motion sensors which all can be easily added to your system.  (Call Customer Service for help with this or view the other products in our 'Wireless Nurse Call Systems' section.)

This package comes with one year manufacturer warranty on the remote alarm and six month warranty on the motion sensors.

As an Additional Option, you can order an AC Adapter to power your alarm (select in the drop down menu when ordering) The AC Adapter is a power lead for the alarm monitor, the lead does not charge the monitor. We recommend you always keep batteries in your alarm as a back-up to your AC adapter in case you lose power and are not aware.  Some customers use the AC adapter at night and batteries only during the day. And by using the AC adapter, you will cut down on the replacement cost of the batteries over time

(This system does not require an internet or other wireless connection to work. But is an independent wireless system which is programmed to work one to one and requires no additional items)

In the shopping cart, when placing your order, there is a box identified as 'ORDER NOTES', please give patient's name, address and condition in this box, and we will refund your VAT within 24 hours of your placing an order. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your product or it is unsuitable we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Please keep all of the products original packaging and ensure the product is in as-new condition. You can then either exchange or return your product for a full refund. 

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Double Wireless Motion Sensor Package - (Monitor both sides of the bed)

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