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  • The door exit device is attached to the door using adhesive pads which come included with the product. 
  • When the door is pulled open the two parts of the door exit device are pulled apart and will send the wireless signal to the pager.
  • Alarm features a low, medium and loud volume adjustment, plus an on/off switch, and can be easily held in the hand.
  • The Paging Alarm can be programmed to take up to 6 items which can include more Motion Sensors, Wireless bed and chair pads, Floor Mats or Call Buttons. (call or email for details)
  • This system does not require an internet or other wireless connection to work. But is an independent wireless system which is programmed to work one to one and requires no additional items
  • Shipping is included in this price, and we support our products with a 30 day money back guarantee if items are returned in an 'as new' condition.
Wireless Window/Door Exit Alarm (Complete System)

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