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  • This high quality, complete system, provides the Carer with the ability to carry a pager that will alert them if the patient is starting to get up from bed or chair. Package includes both long term bed and chair sensor pads, a high quality  monitor, plus a wireless pager with an approximate range of 150' (45 meters). There is no alarm in patient's room.
  • Bed pad is placed in patient's bed, under the lower sheet. Chair pad is placed on the seat of the chair. Each pad attaches to the wireless monitor which is silent in the patient's room (except for two quick beeps when patient first sits on pad). When the patient starts to lift their weight off the pad, the monitor sends a wireless signal to pager which will alert the Carer. (Alarm requires three AA batteries and pager two AA batteries, these are not included).
  • The monitor also has an alarm but this has been set to silent on dispatch but this can be turned on so an alarm can be in the patients room if required. 
  • This is a high grade wireless system designed for home care and nursing home use. Alarm and pads are well made and resilient and will provide long term monitoring. Pads are incontinence resistant and made from a soft, cushioned vinyl which is easily cleaned.
  • The Carer pager features an adjustable volume, vibrate only option, a visual alert indicator and can be up to 150' (approx. 45 meters) from the bed pad.

  • Product comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty

  • As an additional option, you can order an AC Adapter to power your alarm (select in the drop down when ordering), however, we recommend you always keep batteries in your alarm as a back-up to your AC adapter incase there is a sudden loss of power.  Some customers use the AC adapter at night and batteries only during the day and by using the AC adapter, you will cut down on the replacement cost of the batteries over time. 

All fall safety products offer a 30 day return policy.  If you have any problems or the product that you order is not suited for your needs then call us on 01530 270639. Our customer service team will offer any assistance needed to either replace the product or organise a return.



ELIGIBLE FOR VAT RELIEF? In your shopping cart, when placing your order, there is a VAT Exemption box. Please provide the patient's name, address and condition in this box, and we will refund your VAT within 24 hours of your placing an order. 

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Recent Reviews:

Mr Sykes  -  Bought for my dad who has dementia really good.

Joy - Absolutely great - Have used this product for past 7 months. Helps me get a good nights sleep with the reassurance that alarm will waken me if mum is on the move! Glad I purchased the wireless alarm as its really portable and can be packed in a bag for use anywhere.


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