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PLEASE NOTE: We have two different styles of transmitters as we sell two different types of pads. If you have a pad where the transmitter is inside a pocket on the pad you require the TM-FM model, if the transmitter is on a lead with a green and white clip you require the PT-01 model. (Please see images to help identify which model you require) 

For a floor mat the transmitters are both located inside the pocket, pull out the transmitter. If the transmitter has the wording 'low battery' on it, you require the PT-01 model, if not you need the TM-FM. 
Please select which item you require from the drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen. 

Transmitter for wireless bed pads, chair pads and floor mats (pads sold separately).   Will require connection to your mat and programming into your wireless alarm (sold separately)

We will include full instructions for replacing your mat and programming to your alarm with the transmitter when shipped to you.

If you need to replace a bed pad with the transmitter, please look for PTB-RI or       PTC-WI for chair pad. For the floor mat the code is FMT-07C.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE:  If you choose to replace only the transmitter and not the pad with the transmitter, please be aware that we cannot warranty or be responsible in any way for the performance of the pad.  The pads are warrantied for one year from purchase and the manufacturer recommends replacement of the pad and transmitter after that time. By replacing the transmitter only, you MUST make sure that you visually inspect the pad for any signs of damage and check the performance of the pad every day to make sure there is no deterioration of the pad over time.




Transmitter (only) for wireless pads or floor mats

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