• This is a high grade, top quality rubber floor mat and alarm monitor, specifically designed for nursing home or home care environment
  • The floor mat is attached to an alarm monitor by a cord of approximately 6' in length.   When the floor mat is stepped upon, the monitor alarms and alerts the care person that the patient is getting out of bed or walking about.
  • This package includes a high quality, durable gray rubber floor mat, with beveled edges to reduce tripping hazards, and the alarm monitor, with volume control and tone options.  When the alarm sounds, simply silence the alarm noise by pressing the reset button on the alarm monitor.  No need to turn on again!  The system resets itself and is ready to alarm again as soon as the mat is stepped on next time. 
  • The alarm will be heard in other rooms in the house, allowing you to respond to the alert, and get to your patient to assist them.  In many circumstances, the patient will sit back down and wait for the care person when they hear the alert.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty on both alarm and floor mat. 
  • Alarm operates on a 3 AA batteries (not included).
  • This item SHIPS FOR FREE! 

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    Austin Medical is the exclusive Distributor of the Smart Caregiver Product range for the UK and Ireland.
      SKU:Item Codes: FM-05/TL-2100V
      RECORDABLE VOICE ALARM MONITOR & FLOOR MAT (Record your own message to the patient)

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