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  • This magnet alarm comes with a green protective cover to help reduce the risks of damage or breaking.

  • Magnetic Pull Cord Alarms are a great way to monitor someone when you need to know if they are getting up from the chair or bed.

  • The alarm monitor is attached to the back of the chair by the hanging strap or built in clip which is attached to the back of the monitor. A clip is attached to the back of the shoulder of your patient and attached to the clip is a length adjustable cord which in turn is attached to the alarm monitor by a magnetic connector.

  • When the person leans forward or starts to get up, with an intention of getting up, the cord pulls the magnet from the monitor, and the alarm will start to sound, alerting you that they need assistance.

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MAGNET PULL STRING ALARM.......For Bed & Chair (Simple Alarm System)

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