Floor mat with remote alarm for bed or doorway (alarm monitor is with carer)

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One of our best selling Fall Safety products!

This is a very high quality, rubber, cord free floor mat with wireless pager/alert which means there is no alarm noise in patient's room.  This is one of the best grade, fall safety floor mats available and we sell this in private homes, nursing homes and hospitals throughout the UK.

Placed by the side of the bed or across a doorway, you will know when they are trying to get up or leave a room.

This floor mat provides a safe, non slip surface with bevelled edges to reduce the possibility of tripping.  Also, there is no cord coming from the mat which could be tripped over.  Instead, there is a transmitter in the floor mat that sends the signal to the alarm.

When the floor mat is stepped upon, the signal is sent to the paging alarm which will sound an alert.  This alarm can be kept with the Carer up to 90 meters (approx. 300') from the floor mat (always test prior to use). The paging alarm features 3 volume levels, on/off switch and a low battery light.

As an additional option, you can order an AC Adapter to power your alarm (select in the drop down when ordering), however, we recommend you always keep batteries in your alarm as a back-up to your AC adapter incase there is a sudden loss of power.  Some customers use the AC adapter at night and batteries only during the day and by using the AC adapter, you will cut down on the replacement cost of the batteries over time. 


All fall safety products offer a 30 day return policy.
If you have any problems or the product that you order is not suited for your needs then call us on 01530 270639. Our customer service team will offer any assistance needed to either replace the product or organise a return.
*This item is available to purchase with VAT Relief*
ELIGIBLE FOR VAT RELIEF? In your shopping cart, when placing your order, there is a box identified as 'order notes' , please give patient's name, address and condition in this box, and we will refund your VAT within 24 hours of your placing an order. 


Recent Review:

Susie- I bought this for my mother who tended to wander at night (aged 86) - no wires or cords to trip over - no loud noise in my mother's room (but an alarm enough in a carer's room) - I have not put a rug on it as that would create too much of a bump - I think it looks fine and blends in - really does the job and I am extremely pleased with it. Highly recommend!


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