3.5 inch Elderly Monitor with Camera and Audio, 2-Way Talk, Night Vision and Temperature Monitor. 

  • You don’t need to connect the camera to a network when using to monitor your family member or patient. Simply plug the camera in using the power cable supplied and turn on the monitor. 
  • Monitor screen has a 3.5 inch large LCD display which can provide HD view. The range of the system is 100m from each other. Len’s angle of the camera is adjustable (Pan 360°/Tilt 90°). The camera also has clear night vision to ensure you have a clear night view.
  • The system has a 2-way talk so you can speak to your family member/patient through the monitor to comfort or reassure.
  • The temperature of the room also shows on the monitor screen.
  • The display screen of this monitor automatically turns on when there's a voice or sound (for example, sound of movement)  in the room, the screen on the monitor turns off when the room is silent, it will then turn on if there is sound or you can press any button and it will turn on if you wish to view the room. 

Includes two power cables, one for the camera and one for the monitoring unit. The monitoring unit can be charger using this cable and will hold the charge so it does not have to be plugged in all the time when using. The range of this system is 100m.

Elderly Safety Monitoring Camera

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