The alarm and chair pad both come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The chair sensor pad measures 10'' x 15'' (25cm x 38cm) it's incontinence resistant and features a foam interior for patient comfort. 

     This package includes the dual alarm plus a chair sensor pad. With this alarm you can record your own 15 second message to play when your patient tries to get up!
      When the patient tries to stand, the alert or your recorded message will sound. To silence the alert, simply press the reset button on the front of the alarm, or if the patient sits back onto the pad, the system re-sets itself ready for the next time.
          This alarm also has the option for you to record a 15 second message which will be played in the place of the alert. You can record a message such as 'Please sit back down, I'll be there in a minute'. Note: this alarm will sound in the room with the patient. If you want the alarm noise out of the patient's room, look at our wireless bed or chair alarm option.
            Both alarm and chair sensor pad carry a one year manufacturer's warranty. Alarm requires three 'AA' batteries (not included)
              Alarm features, low battery light, alarm active light, lost pad alert, volume control, nursecall port, cord strain relief clip, and AC adapter port. 


                Standard Chair Pad (10'' x 15'') and Paging Alarm without an AC Adapter £74.95 (Including VAT and shipping) Price Excluding VAT £62.45

                Standard Chair Pad (10'' x 15'') and Paging Alarm with an AC Adapter £82.99 (Including VAT and shipping) Price Excluding VAT £69.15


                ELIGIBLE FOR VAT RELIEF? In your shopping cart, when placing your order, there is a box identified as 'order notes' , please give patient's name, address and condition in this box, and we will refund your VAT within 24 hours of your placing an order. 

                All fall safety products offer a 30 day return policy.

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                Chair Alarm - Record Your Own Message! (This package includes a Chair Sensor Pad)

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