10490 10995

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  • This central monitor unit can receive signals from up to 40 different compatible wireless/cordless items, eliminating the need for multiple alarms!  

  • Custom build your system by adding the items from the wireless collection as needed or call us with your question and we can help you assemble your system.

Use With:

  • Wireless, cordfree bed and chair sensor pads (item codes PTB-RI, PTB-WI and PTC-WI),

  • Wireless, cordfree, floor mats (item code PTFM-05 and PTFM-07C)

  • Wireless motion sensors (item code 433-MS),

  • Call buttons (item code 433-NC),

  • And add as many Caregiver pagers (item code 433-PRB) as needed. 

  • All sold separately

  • Easy to set-up and use.  (Comes pre-programmed when ordered with compatible items - how to video attached below)

  • Place in a convenient spot and each compatible item will alert at the central monitor as a different number which is called out. Features low battery light, and volume control.

  • Pagers can call out the relevant patient number or be placed in vibrate mode so as to not disturb other residents or patients and also reset the central monitor remotely.

  • Works as a great stand alone system, or use as a backup in the event a larger central monitoring system is being repaired or is no longer working.

  • System range up to 90 meters (300 feet), depending upon the environment of use. 

  • System takes 4 'C' batteries (not included)  and comes with an AC power cord.

  • Signal bumper is also available (sold separately) to gain an additional 100 feet of coverage.

  • One year manufacturer warranty. 

Small Facility Nurse Call System - Central Monitor
10490 10995

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