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(Complete Package - Quality Alarm Monitor with Bed and Chair Pads)  If you need to know that your patient is getting up from either their bed or their chair, this quality alarm comes with both long term sensor pads for the bed and the chair.
    Alarm and bed pad both come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The bed sensor pad measures 10'' x 30'' (25cm x 76cm) it's incontinence resistant and features a foam interior for patient comfort. For patients who are light weight (under 10 stone, 140 pounds) they will benefit from one of our larger pads which is 20'' x 30'' (50cm x 76cm). Sometimes using our smaller pad with a light weight patient can create false alarms as there is not enough weight distributed onto the pad which is needed to trigger the alarm. The larger pad has a larger surface area so there is more of the patient on the pad. Select from the drop down menu which package you would prefer.
      The bed pad is placed under the lower sheet, in the middle of the patient's back area or under their bottom. The pad has a cord running along the side of the mattress and plugs into a small alarm monitor that you hang on the end of the bed, bedside table or the wall.
        The chair pad is placed in the seat of the chair and the cord runs to the back of the chair and is plugged into the alarm monitor.
          When the patient sits up in bed, the alarm will start to sound, letting you know that your patient is trying to get up without your assistance. Similarly, when they start to stand from their chair, the alert will start to sound (if you require an alarm that sounds away from the patient and in another room in the house or building with the carer, please search for our 'wireless bed alarms')
            To silence this alarm simply press the 'Reset Button' on the front of the alarm.  If the patient sits back onto the pad, it will silence the alert and also reset the system for next time.
              Alarm takes three 'A' batteries (not included), and the alarm monitor and the pads come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.
                Please be aware that this alarm sounds in the room with the patient. If you would like the alarm to sound out of the patient's room, please search for our wireless bed alarm options.


                  Standard Bed Pad (10'' x 30'') and Chair Pad with an AC Adapter £104.94 (Including VAT and shipping) Price Excluding £87.45

                  Standard Bed Pad (10'' x 30'') and Chair Pad without an AC Adapter £89.95 (Including VAT and shipping) Price Excluding £74.95

                  Larger Bed Pad (20'' x 30'') and Chair Pad with an AC Adapter £135.94 (Including VAT and shipping) Price Excluding £113.28

                  Larger Bed Pad (20'' x 30'') and Chair Pad without an AC Adapter £120.95 (Including VAT and shipping) Price Excluding £100.79

                  All fall safety products offer a 30 day return policy.
                  If you have any problems or the product that you order is not suited for your needs then call us on 0345 0660506. Our customer service team will offer any assistance needed to either replace the product or organise a return.
                  *This item is available to purchase with VAT Relief*
                  ELIGIBLE FOR VAT RELIEF? In your shopping cart, when placing your order, there is a box identified as 'order notes' , please give patient's name, address and condition in this box, and we will refund your VAT within 24 hours of your placing an order. 


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                  Recent Reviews:

                  Zanya- Wonderful. My husband has had a stroke and forgets he can't walk unaided. He keeps trying to get out of bed during the middle of the night and during his afternoon nap but the alarm sounds as soon as he sits up and removes pressure from the pad (I place it under his shoulders,) and someone can get to his side before he puts any weight on his feet. We don't use the chair pad quite as much because someone is usually sitting with him when he is in his armchair, but it also is very effective.
                  One of our very best nursing aids.

                  Rakesh- Thank you for this wonderful product it was just what we were looking for as it alerts us immediately when someone moves off their chair and we can be there to assist them. Thanks Again.


                      SKU:Product Codes: TL-2100S/BPB-RI/PPC-WI
                      BED ALARM WITH BED & CHAIR SENSOR PADS (complete package) - ALARM IN PATIENT'S ROOM - Free Shipping & Fast Delivery!

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