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Alarm and bed pad both come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The bed sensor pad measures 10'' x 30'' (25cm x 76cm) it's incontinence resistant and features a foam interior for patient comfort. For patients who are light weight (under 10 stone, 140 pounds) they will benefit from one of our larger pads which is 20'' x 30'' (50cm x 76cm). Sometimes using our smaller pad with a light weight patient can create false alarms as there is not enough weight distributed onto the pad which is needed to trigger the alarm. The larger pad has a larger surface area so there is more of the patient on the pad. Select from the drop down menu which package you would prefer.

    (Complete Package of Alarm & Pad) Quality Corded Bed Sensor Pad and Alarm - An excellent product to help in the care of someone when you need to know they are trying to get up, as the alarm will sound as soon as they take their weight from the bed pad. Please note: The alarm for this system will sound in the room with the patient. (If you would like an alarm that is not in the room with the patient, but is with the Carer in another part of the building or home, please click this link:

      How to use this system: The pad is placed under the lower sheet, in the middle of the patient's back area or under their bottom area. The pad has a cord running along the side of the mattress and plugs into a small alarm that you hang on the end of the bed, bedside table or the wall. When the patient sits up taking their weight from the pad, the alarm will start to sound. 

        To silence this alarm the Carer simply presses the Reset button on the front of the alarm. This also automatically resets the alarm ready for the next time your patient tries to get up and if the patient sits back onto the pad, the alarm is silenced and resets ready for the next time your patient tries to get up.

          This alarm monitor and bed pad come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.  Pad is made of a soft vinyl, cushioned material for easy cleaning and is incontinence protected. (batteries not included)


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          In your shopping cart, when placing your order, there is a box identified as 'order notes' , please give patient's name, address and condition in this box, and we will refund your VAT within 24 hours of your placing an order - Or call us and our Customer Service Team will help!

          Recent Reviews: 

          Mary- ''Excellent product, found it worked perfect for our needs. Sensitivity is as good as when first purchased, still on the original batteries too. I had looked at similar mats that were a lot more expensive but this has proved to be a real 'Ronseal' does exactly as promised.''

          Birdie- ''My mum is 87 years of age and since January this year has suffered a broken hip, a subdural haematoma and a broken nose due to poor balance and disorientation when getting in the night. Obviously this could not continue, I was advised to get a sensor mat, whilst looking this product up I came across the bed exit alarm system which alerts the carer of the patient's intention of getting out of bed. It has been a godsend for me, and I have no reservations in recommending this product to anyone concerned for their patient or relative. I now manage to sleep better between calls. It is easy to use and the alert is loud enough for me even on low. An excellent product.''

            BED ALARM & BED SENSOR PAD. Alarm Is In Room With Patient - Free shipping - Complete Package!
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