Wireless Door Motion Sensor With Paging Alarm (Can be up to 300' apart)

Product Description
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    • Motion sensor is easily mounted either above the door or at the side of the door to let you know when someone is crossing the doorway.
    • When the Motion Sensor detects activity,  it sends a wireless signal to the Paging Alarm, which will start to chime.  (Motion Sensor and Pager can be up to 300 feet or 90 meters apart.
    • Alarm features a low, medium and loud volume adjustment, plus an on/off switch, and can be easily held in the hand.
    • Motion Sensor takes 3 AA batteries, and the Paging Alarm takes 3 'C' batteries (not included). Both feature a one year manufacturers warranty.
    • The Paging Alarm can be programmed to take up to 6 items which can include more Motion Sensors, Wireless bed and chair pads, Floor Mats or Call Buttons. (call or email for details)
    • Shipping is included in this price, and we support our products with a 30 day money back guarantee if items are returned in an 'as new' condition.

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