Need help finding the right product for you?

We understand that trying to purchase the right product can be daunting and a bit confusing as there is so many products on the market. The link below will take you to our flowchart that can narrow down finding the right product for you. 
Something factors to keep in mind...
Have you got a patient who is light weight? (under 10 stone) 
If you're looking at purchasing one of our bed alarms you will benefit from purchasing our larger bed pad which will prevent false alarming and not alarming at all. As the patient is so light, the smaller pad will have trouble picking up their weight, the larger pad however has a larger surface area so more of the patient will be on the pad ensuring the pad has enough weight on it to pick up the movement of the patient. 
Is your patient observant of their environment?
Sometimes we find that patients can become used to their environment and notice when carers introduce new products to help them care for them. For example, if you brought a motion sensor which sits on the floor next to the headboard end of the bed, would the patient notice it? If so you might be best with one of our wireless bed alarm systems as there is no cords attached to the pad. The pad sits underneath the fitted sheet of the bed, its covered in soft vinyl and has a foam interior for comfort so they would not feel the pad underneath them.