The OooPS Pant is a contemporary, comfortable and ECO-friendly solution to protect you against those little OooPS moments.

What Makes OooPS Pants Different?

The OooPS Pants have the appearance of many modern pants available on the market currently today. It has a high cut leg with an elasticated waistband and centrefold legs. What differs us from the others is within the gusset; a pad compromising of 3 layers offering protection against leakage and the ability to absorb.

It all starts with the Absorbalon microfiber wicking layer. This draws fluid into the gusset ensuring a dry feel for the user. Secondary is the super absorbent padding layer. What appears as a thin layer still has the ability to hold 70–100mls. Finally comes the waterproof layer which prevents any fluid passing out of the gusset. The three layers are combined into a compact system that is discreet, comfortable and leakproof

The Reasoning Behind The OooPS Pant

Conditions such as cystitis or a weak pelvic floor after childbirth can be some of the reasons for developing a sensitive weak bladder which can in turn lead to stress incontinence. These conditions are a lot more common than people are led to believe; with around one in three women in the UK experiencing these conditions.

OooPS moments as a result of stress incontinence can occur at any time. Bladder leaks, or OooPS moments as we call them, can occur doing the simplest of things such as a cough, a sneeze or laughter

Our Brief aim to give you a freedom that most briefs on the market do not. The freedom to chuckle without concern, the ability to jump around at your local gym, even lifting your little one whilst knowing that all the time you have the OooPS pant on you will be protected.

The Pant is designed with the younger and middle-aged woman in mind. However, this does not stop those older women who want to have a little added protection and have that modern and contemporary look to their underwear.

Size Information:

Medium = Waist Size 33-36″ (83-92cms)

Large    = Waist Size 37-40″ (93-102cms)

XLarge = Waist Size 41-44″ (103-112cms)

Ladies Ooops Pant – For Light Incontinence Absorbent Up to 70-100mls

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