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This wireless bed and chair exit system is ideal for caring for the elderly, and/or those with Dementia or Alzheimer's.  By not having the alarm in the room with the patient, it stops the possibility of them becoming confused or upset by the alert noise. However, the carer will hear the alert immediately because the alarm is with them.  Within seconds of the patient's weight being removed from the pads, the alert is sent.
    This package includes a high quality cord free alert monitor and long term cord free bed and chair exit sensor pads.  The wireless bed alarm can be with the care person up to 300' (90 meters) from the pads (always test before use). The bed pad should be placed under the bottom sheet in the bed at back or bottom level, and place the chair pad in the seat of the chair.  When your patient sits up to get out of bed, taking their weight from the pad, the alarm will sound wherever the monitor has been placed. (By placing in the bed pad in the middle back area of your patient, you will receive the alert when they sit up, and before they start to put their legs over the side of the bed.) 
      Alarm, bed pad and chair pad all come with a one year manufacturer's warranty, the bed sensor pad measures 10" x 30" (25cm x 76cm) is incontinence resistant and features a foam interior for patient comfort, or for patients who are light weighted they will benefit more from one of our larger pads which is 20'' x 30'' (50cm x 76cm) Sometimes using our smaller pad with a light weighted patient can create false alarms as there isn't enough weight on the pad that is needed to trigger the alarm, so with a bigger pad it has a larger surface area so there is more of the patient on the pad. Select from the drop down menu which package you would prefer. 
        The alarm features volume control, tone options, low battery light and on/off switch. Alarm operates on three (3) C batteries (not included).  Alarm and both pads come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Sensor pads are also incontinence resistant, easy to clean and feature a foam interior for comfort.
          As an Additional Option, you can order an AC Adapter to power your alarm (select in the drop down when ordering) We recommend you always keep batteries in your alarm as a back-up to your AC adapter in case of a sudden loss of power.  Some customers use the AC adapter at night and batteries only during the day. And by using the AC adapter, you will cut down on the replacement cost of the batteries over time. 


            Standard Bed Pad (10'' x 30'') and Chair Pad With Power Adapter £167.94 (includes VAT and shipping) Price Excluding VAT £139.95
            Standard Bed Pad (10'' x 30'') and Chair Pad without Power Adapter  (includes VAT and shipping) Price Excluding VAT £154.95
            Bigger Bed Pad (for light weighted patients, 20'' x 30'') With Power Adapter £172.94 (includes VAT and shipping) Price Excluding VAT £144.11
            Bigger Bed Pad (for light weighted patients, 20'' x 30'') Without Power Adapter £159.95 (includes VAT and shipping) Price Excluding VAT £133.29
            All fall safety products offer a 30 day return policy.
            If you have any problems or the product that you order is not suited for your needs then call us on 01530-270639. Our customer service team will offer any assistance needed to either replace the product or organise a return.
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            Recent Reviews:

            Debra- I had really been struggling with my elderly mother who has early sets of dementia and has been getting out of bed a lot recently and wandering around at night and resulting in falls due to decreased balance. Since buying this product we have had 0 incidents and my mother generally seems happier. The best piece of kit ever that gives you real piece of mind, would recommend to anyone. I also rang up to place my order and the sales team are amazing really knew there stuff and advised me on what the best product for us would be. Thank you. 

            C Clark- My dad has dementia so doesn't remember he is supposed to call me for help when getting out of bed. He is unsteady on his feet. This alarm lets me know that he is about to get up and works brilliantly!

              SKU:Product Codes: 433-EC/GBT-RI/GCT-WI-1
              WIRELESS BED EXIT ALARM WITH BED & CHAIR PADS (complete package).......The alarm is with the Carer, Not the Patient!

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